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Praise for ShaadZee Bakery Bistro’s Organic Coffee and Espresso!


ShaadZee Bakery Bistro appreciates guest feedback and here’s a nice comment from our recent customer, Jeff: “All of the breads and croissants are absolutely the best quality. JUST DON’T FORGET the wonderful coffee!!!! Farhad says it’s completely organic. What ever it is I’m hooked! Next time I’m there I will have that Veggie Scramble!” Thank you, Jeff!


ShaadZee Bakery Bistro always makes an effort to serve you the highest quality fresh, local and organic ingredients when we prepare your meals. We thought we would take this opportunity to share with you some of the reasons we also serve organic coffee and espresso beverages.


Coffee is one of the most heavily chemically-treated agricultural products in the world. Synthetic petroleum-based chemicals and fertilizers are used in its production. Not only do these chemicals seep into our water supplies and damage the soil but, when we drink the coffee, we ingest some of those residual chemicals.


If you’re a fan of decaf, it may interest you to know that the harsh chemical, methylene chloride, is often used to strip the caffeine from the beans. While it may be considered safe to consume, it infiltrates the beans leaving a residue and affects the taste.  Certified organic coffee plantations are required to use natural pesticides to treat the land and crops, and natural processes to decaffeinate, such as carbon dioxide or water extraction methods like the Swiss Water Process.


Nasty chemicals aside, we think you’ll notice a distinct difference in the flavor of our organic coffee. Organic coffee preserves the full taste and aroma of the beans and you should not notice any bitterness.  So do yourself and the planet a favor by trying some organic coffee today at ShaadZee Bakery Bistro!


Check out our delicious menu, and please visit us at ShaadZee Bakery Bistro for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert & coffee when you’re in our Pleasant Hill neighborhood!



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